Lifestyle & Nutritional Counselling


Lifestyle and nutrition provide the foundation for our health.  In naturopathic medicine, our treatment choices follow the therapeutic order with the first tenant being: Remove Obstacles to Health.  This includes assessing your current lifestyle by evaluating such factors as stress, activity level and sleep quality/quantity.  In turn, dietary habits are addressed so nutritional advice can be given based on your specific needs.  This may include simple food additions to your diet, elimination of specific foods, or dietary interventions to support a particular condition or constitution.  

My goal is to help you foster a positive relationship with food.  When we feel good about the food we are putting into our body, we metabolize these molecules differently then food choices attached to feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment.  When we nourish our bodies with whole foods, our taste buds adapt to these changes and over time we begin to crave the full spectrum of tastes, including "bitter" and "pungent".