“The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head”
— William Osler

My Practice…

As a naturopathic doctor I believe in an integrative care model, blending current evidence based medicine with eclectic, naturopathic therapies.  In order to best support you and evoke change, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of conventional therapies, including pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.  This allows for safe, alternative choices to be considered without negligence or naivety.  I also believe in the importance of choice - by providing various treatment options,  you can feel empowered when it comes to your health.  In addition to conventional knowledge, my core values reside in the principles of naturopathic medicine.  Using these guiding principles, I weave the artistic expression of medicine into a care plan, looking to support the whole psyche (physical, mental and emotional aspects).  Although I use a variety of treatment tools in my practice, I have a special relationship with herbal medicine as this provides a direct connection with nature.  For a full list of services offered please see my SERVICES page.  

I have a general family medicine practice with a special interest in the following areas:

  • Endocrinology (hormone imbalances including stress/burnout, thyroid health, gynaecological issues)
  •  Autoimmune conditions
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Mental health (including anxiety, depression)
  • Neurological health
  • Sports medicine    
  • Health optimization