Physical Medicine

“Movement is the song of the body”
— Vanda Scaravelli

Physical medicine encompasses a variety of treatments which support the body's musculoskeletal structure.  Day in and day out, we rely on our bodies to withstand physical labor and take us from point A to point B.  However, what happens when our body can no longer keep up with the demands?  Just like our mental psyche, our physical body needs self-care in order to thrive and feel energized.  In turn, our body holds onto trauma, as seen in chronic pain syndromes post-injury. We often don't realize the interconnectedness between our physical concerns and mental/emotional state, yet the memories and tension held in our tissue affect our entire being.  When we refer to the physical body, it is imperative to assess the entire kinetic chain, starting with our feet and working up to the head.  Did you know pes planus or "flat feet" may be contributing to your neck and shoulder tension?  In addition to addressing the skeletal and muscular components, our muscles are wrapped in a thin layer of connective tissue called fascia.  I often think of fascia as a layer of Saran Wrap covering our muscles - as our fascial layer is connected throughout the body, you can begin to understand how an imbalance in one area of your body can affect the entire system.  

Taking this into consideration, naturopathic medicine looks to address the entire person, with therapies to support both the physical and emotional aspects of our tissue states.  With a thorough understanding of the functionality of our muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and skeletal structure, proper guidance can be given as to which therapy will be most beneficial for your condition.  Physical medicine practices in office may include posture and gait analysis, soft tissue and spinal manipulations when necessary.  In my practice, I often support the body using a combination of therapies, including soft tissue, acupuncture with electrostimulation and cupping to provide a comprehensive treatment and relieve pain/muscular tension.